Springstof started in 2019 as the innovation label of Quint. To increase the focus on the disruptive and challenging projects. Below a selection. Wondering what we would could do for you? Challenge us!


The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is a large Dutch nonprofit whose goal is to beat cancer as soon as possible. To this end, KWF raises and channels funds into scientific research, influences policy and shares its knowledge of cancer and treatment options.

Besides raising funds and channeling resources to help eliminate cancer, KWF wants to find new ways to improve patient life. With this in mind, KWF proposed the following challenge: “Come up with an innovative solution that connects KWF with all 800 thousand current and former cancer patients”

We tackled this challenge in our Digital Accelerator. Our solution enabled KWF to come into closer contact with cancer patients and survivors, and obtain new insights into digital strategy and agile ways of working. The final deliverables were a tested prototype and a business case. The technical prototype was used to validate our assumptions whereas the business case provided an overview on how to scale the solution.

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