Hello, we are Springstof!

Our ambition is to unlock business value by empowering strategic innovation. Sparking new ideas, designing sustainable change and realizing transformation.
For us, innovation isn’t a gimmick, but a strategic instrument.

Springstof | Innovation by Design



What do we do? We help you realize and scale ideas. Translate your customer journeys of tomorrow into actions of today.
How do we do it? Together with you, our toolbox, and lots of energy!
And we don't do that with slides. We work with people to get tangible results.


Digital Accelerator

Accelerate your innovation with our digital accelerator program. From strategic challenge into scaleable solution in just 12 weeks.

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Design Sprint

What can you achieve in just 5 days of full focus? The design sprint is designed to bring focus, validate the strategic direction and deliver tangible results.

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Innovation Strategy & Governance

How do you organize innovation without loss of creative touch innovation needs? Springstof designs innovation studio's and ecosystems.


Innovation 101

How do you start innovation? This is your first step. Our innovation menu caters to all your needs. Create your workshop here.



Meet the Springstof team! A collection of authentic, bright and curious individuals. Let's team up to make a difference. 

Warm regards, The Springstof team

Roelof Douwstra

Chief Disruptor

Justine de Ridder

Strategy & Innovation trainee

Thomas Hendrick

Strategy & Innovation trainee


Dieuwertje Okkels

Strategy & Innovation trainee

Lucas de Bont

Strategy & Innovation trainee

Kim Hajer

Experience Designer

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